An Original Kalakua at Crimson Serpents Outpost

The esteemed “An Original Kalakaua, Made in Hawaii” was originally established in 1937. These are vintage designs from the heyday of Hawaiian shirts (1930’s – 1950’s) reproduced true to their original and brilliant colors and charm. The imported fabrics are custom made 100% rayon, cotton/rayon blends, and 100% cotton.
The process for silk screening of the ornate patterns has been duplicated with care. Buttons are handcrafted, cut, drilled and polished coconut. The fit and shape of the shirt are uncompromisingly just like the originals, not updated for today’s fashion look. Each vintage cut shirt features double needle stitching, an expertly matched pocket, top loop, and button. A great deal of attention has been taken to produce this fine line of Hawaiian wear.

Remember, Hawaiian shirts really can only be made in Hawaii. All others claiming to be Hawaiian but made offshore are merely imitations.

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