Schott NYC Classic Americana

Schott’s heritage is a true-blue, real-deal, piece of Americana. The iconic styles produced by hand for over 100 years have become infused in American culture and have served as battle flags for the American spirit.

Schott NYC is still owned and run by the third and fourth generations of the Schott family who still manufacture most of their clothing in the United States. In an old brick building, the classic styles that have, and will continue to, connect with the American spirit are cut and sewn by the hands of trained craftspeople. There is a feeling with putting on a Perfecto® that cannot be replicated or described. It is a persona, the history of America’s bad boy, seeped into the heavy cowhide and chrome hardware. A strong sense of American pride is behind every Peacoat’s anchor buttons.

Crimson Serpents Outpost is a proud retailer of Schott NYC products. From sweaters to outerwear, you can always trust Schott NYC to deliver.