An Original Kalakaua Alohi Aloha Shirt


An Original Kalakaua Alohi Aloha Shirt


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Alohi Aloha Shirt by An Original Kalakaua is a perfect reproduction of a Kalakaua design from the 1950s. The Alohi features the colors of Hawaiian royalty. Made in Hawaii from 100% rayon poplin, this beauty was made to the exact specifications as the shirts sold during the Golden Age of Aloha shirts (1930s-50s).

All Kalakaua Aloha shirts are made with extreme care, from the silk screening of the patterns, double needle stitching, expertly matched pocket, to the handcrafted coconut buttons. The fit is just like the original relaxed fit. Go down a size if you want a trimmer fit.

– Vintage 1950’s pattern

– 100% Rayon poplin

– matched pocket

– Handcrafted, cut, drilled, and polished coconut buttons

– Loop detail on top button

– Relaxed fit: MED=SM, MED=LG, LG=XL

– Made in Hawaii 

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