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National Treasure Low Black sneakers are the perfect casual shoe with vintage appeal. The low is the sidekick to the original high top model, replicas of the original basketball shoe invented in 1892 by the original Colchester Rubber Co. which were rediscovered in 2004 at an estate sale in Vista, CA. Just like the original high-top style, the low version also features canvas uppers and a turkey feather sole pattern, which were the hallmarks of the original.

  Located a mere 50 miles from the YMCA where Dr. James Naismith developed the initial 13 rules of basketball, the Colchester Rubber Co. was one of the largest vulcanized rubber shoe manufacturers of its time, and its production of high-top basketball footwear predates that of any competitors’ by a quarter of a century. Made from vulcanized rubber and canvas, the original sneakers were the first of their kind that protected feet while running, jumping, and pivoting on gymnasium floors. Updated for contemporary casual wear, the National Treasure Low Black has a built-in arch, cushioned insole, metal eyelets, and duck canvas uppers. 



Colchester Rubber Co. - The world's oldest basketball shoe. The story of the Colchester Rubber Co. is a part of American heritage history. In 2004 a pair of sneakers resembling old basketball shoe was found at an estate sale in Vista, California. After further research, the sneakers are believed to have once been owned and worn by Dr. James Naismith, inventor of Basketball. He invented the game in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, a mere 50 miles away from the now-defunct Colchester Rubber Co's factory. The sneakers were most likely a prototype designed for Dr. Naismith by Colchester Rubber to be used in his new game of "basket-ball." The Colchester name has since been revived with the release of footwear styles inspired by the shoes once owned and developed by Dr. Naismith.

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