Unbranded UB121 skinny fit 21 oz. heavyweight indigo selvedge jeans


Unbranded UB121 skinny fit 21 oz. heavyweight indigo selvedge jeans


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Unbranded UB121 skinny fit is crafted from heavyweight 100% cotton 21oz rope-dyed indigo selvedge denim. Skinny and straight through the leg, but not skin-tight. This heavyweight jean is slubby and full of rope-dyed indigo to give you excellent fading capabilities.

Featuring a button fly, hidden rivets, chain-stitched hem, leather patch in addition to the signature blue line selvedge ID. Excellent value for a pair of heavyweight selvedge jeans. The break-in process is a journey that ends in a well-worn pair of jeans with endless fading possibilities.

  • Unbranded UB121 Skinny
  • 100% cotton
  • Blue line selvedge ID
  • Fabric weight: 21 oz.
  • Fabric source: Japan
  • Rope-dyed indigo
  • Left-hand twill direction
  • Sanforized
  • Chain-stitch hems
  • Classic orange-brown stitching throughout
  • Plain dark brown leather patch
  • Hidden rivets
  • Button fly
  • Matte silver color buttons
  • Made in Macau



The Unbranded Brand focuses on the core essentials of what it takes to make a well-made pair of jeans: great fits, solid construction, and top quality selvedge denim. We offer Unbranded in skinny, tapered, and relaxed tapered fits. A classic denim jacket is offered as well.

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30, 31, 32, 33, 34


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Men's Unbranded Skinny Fit Sizing Guide

How to measure

Note on size chart: Measurements are in inches.  A variance of +/- 0.5″ is within tolerance

When looking for the perfect pair of jeans or pants, it is important to know how to measure them – especially if you are buying online. Grab the best fitting pair of pants you currently own and take its measurements using the guide below. Now you’ll know what to look for. Here is our general guide to measuring your jeans.

Waist: Step 1: Button up the Jeans. Step 2: Lay the jean out flat with the top front edge of the waistband even with the top back edge of the waistband. Pull tightly. Step 3: Measure from one edge of the waistband to the other. Step 4: Double this measurement.

Rise: Step 1: Button up the jeans. Step 2: Lay the jeans flat. Step 3: Pull tightly together both the front rise and tape measure. Step 4: Measure from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.

Thigh: Step 1: Lay the jeans flat. Step 2: Place the measuring tape at the center most point of the crotch. Step 3: From here, measure straight across to the outside edge of the jean.

Knee: Step 1: Lay the jeans flat. Step 2: Measure 12 inches from the crotch down the inside seam of the seam of the leg. Step 3: From the 12-inch mark, measure straight across the leg from one edge to the other.

Leg Opening:  Step 1: Lay the jean flat. Step 2: Measure from one edge of the of the leg opening to the other.

Inseam: Step 1: Lay the jean with the inseam running down the center of the leg. Press flat. Step 2: Measure from the middle of the crotch stitching down the inseam to the bottom of the jean.

TAG SIZE3031323334
FRONT RISE9.75"9.75"10"10"10.25"
UPPER THIGH11.25"11.5"11.75"12"12.25"
LEG OPENING7.2"7.4"7.6"8"8"

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