Red Moose Suede Brush Eraser Set


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Suede Brush Eraser Set by Red Moose is a premium cleaning set designed to restore suede, nubuck, and rough-out leather goods. The brush features a 4-way design with a welt surface for in-depth cleaning of heavier stains and scuff marks. Nylon brushes will clean slight scratches lightly and gently.

Rounded corners can be cleaned with the semi-circle arc section and the thin convex brushes will get those hard-to-reach grooves and cracks. After treament with the brush, use the eraser to remove traces of water/oil spots and other stains.

How to use:

1. Remove heavy soil and surface dirt/dust with the brass wire bristles on the main brush head.
2. Use the side cleaning edge of the brush to remove dirt in hard-to-access areas such as welts, edges, and seams.
3. For spots and stains, use the stain eraser by rubbing the spot with a corner or edge of the eraser. Remove              residue with the main or side cleaning brush head.
4. Once clean, you can use a deep cleaning product like the Red Moose Suede Renewer.
5. After cleaning, raise the nap in a single direction using the rubber nubs on top of the brush.


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